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Open Hearts Personal Care Homes, LLC
Mission Statement Services/Activities Heart Homes Personnel Board of Advisors Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Q: Does Open Hearts accept private pay clients?

    A: No, Open Hearts is licensed to only accept Medicaid Waiver clients in its homes.

  2. Q: Are residents required to bring their own furniture and accessories?

    A: Open Hearts provides all bedroom and common areas furniture. Linens and towels used by clients are also provided. If a client chooses to bring his or her own furniture, linen or other personal items, they will be labeled as property of resident and incorporated into Open Hearts surroundings for use.

  3. Q: Can families participate in Open Hearts sponsored activities and outings?

    A: Absolutely! Family participation in all group activities and outings are strongly encouraged and appreciated.

  4. Q: What rights do the families have regarding making medical and other important decisions for Open Hearts residents?

    A: Positive family involvement in all decision making concerning the safety and well-being of all of our clients is not just encouraged, but is necessary. Most of our clients are deemed competent and therefore can sign/give approval for themselves regarding medical treatment and other important decisions. In cases of clients not being able to make these types of decisions for themselves, we at Open Hearts encourage families to either gain legal guardianship of their loved one or have a Will drawn up and other estate matters documented and that a copy is given to Open Hearts for proper notification.

  5. Q: If a client does not receive the COMP Waiver, can private pay be accepted? If so, what is the monthly rate? What services does the rate cover?

    A: No. Due to licensing restrictions Open Hearts cannot accept private pay clients under any circumstances.

  6. Q: How does Open Hearts accommodate religious worship if the client wants to attend religious service on a regular basis?

    A: Open Hearts gladly and respectfully works with each and every resident to accommodate their religious preferences and customs. We will work with the client and their families to ensure that they are able to attend their preferred time and location of worship service.

  7. Q: Are there any additional fees due outside of the MMR Waiver? For instance, is room and board required?

    A: Yes, additional fees are required for room and board; these fees are outlined in the admission agreement completed and submitted upon acceptance into the home.

  8. Q: Is the family or legal guardian required to transport their loved one to and from medical/dental appointments?

    A: No. The staff at Open Hearts will transport clients to and from medical/dental appointments; unless arrangements have been made with the family to continue transporting them to appointments.

  9. Q: Can a family request that certain foods be avoided due to religious beliefs, diet or medical restrictions?

    A: Yes. Open Hearts' licensed dietician assists staff, at all of our locations, with menu planning and is also available for consultation.

  10. Q: What is your policy regarding the client vacationing with their family? Is there a limit to the maximum amount of time allowed away from Open Hearts home?

    A: Families are encouraged to include their loved ones in on vacations. There are no time limits regarding length or number of times clients are allowed to be away from Open Hearts home for vacations or special trips. Each request will be evaluated upon request.

  11. Q: What is your Standard Operating Procedure when one of the clients shows symptoms of a contagious virus or disease? How do you protect the other clients from contracting the virus or disease?

    A: The first step is for the client to see a medical doctor for a medical evaluation. The physician determines the appropriate treatment plan and assists the staff with the proper course of action. Clients may be isolated in their room if required by the physician. Open Hearts uses "standard precautions" which consists of very frequent hand-washing, and treating all body fluids as though they may contain infectious material. We use antibacterial and disinfecting soaps and cleaning supplies.

  12. Q: Does the parent or legal guardian have to relinquish the client's SSI benefits to Open Hearts? Can other arrangements be made if the family wants to continue to manage the client's finances?

    A: Typically the client's SSI is used to pay for their room and board. The client's family is not required to relinquish their family member's benefits as long as the client has access to all of the funds that they receive from SSI. Arrangements regarding assignment as the representative payee for SSI will be determined on a case by case basis.

  13. Q: What form of cash (currency, debit card) is the client allowed to have in order to take care of their personal expenses? Who is responsible for the accounting of the client's personal cash?

    A: All clients are required to have a minimum of $65.00 a month for their personal needs. These funds typically come from their SSI benefit. The staff in the home will work with the client to track their monthly spending and to record all expenditures.

  14. Q: Is your organization accredited by a national organization?

    A: Open Hearts Personal Care Homes are licensed as personal care homes in the state of Georgia, and fully certified by state agencies. An organization that is awarded national accreditation is one that seeks to provide excellent services, best practices, and state of the art care. We are in the process of preparing for our first onsite visit! Our Board has selected The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as our partner in accreditation (www.thecouncil.org). We are very excited about the opportunity to work with such an impressive and expert leader in the field of developmental disabilities and mental health. We will keep our website updated with information about our accreditation efforts.

  15. Q: Are clients assisted with their medications?

    A: Yes. Our staff has attended specialized training in the area of medication management and assists clients with self administration of their medications. We have a wonderful pharmacy partner, Pharmacy Alternatives, and a great pharmacy team that helps in the proper and safe administering of all medication.

  16. Q: Do you have a formal complaint or grievance process?

    A: Yes. Our administrator, a Developmental Disabilities Professional, and facility managers are all involved in managing the processing of any complaints, grievances or concerns that a client or family members may have. We take all reported complaints, grievances or concerns very seriously and work hard to make sure that resolutions to problems are achieved. We also conduct satisfaction surveys several times throughout the year, to seek input and information about our services, as we seek to continuously improve Open Hearts and its services.