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Open Hearts Personal Care Homes, LLC
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Open Hearts Personal Care Homes provides residential training, services and activities to adults with development disabilities. Open Hearts Personal Care Homes, strive to provide a nurturing and caring home environment for every individual we serve. Our goal is to provide a structured and supportive menu of services that will allow every resident to achieve and, or exceed the goals outlined in their Individual Service Plan.

All services provided by Open Hearts PCH have been implemented around the principles of self-determination and to encourage all individuals to express their choices and help direct delivery of services. The concept of free-will is allowed whenever possible to give every individual an opportunity to achieve their personal best as well as the satisfaction of achieving their goals.

The staff at Open Hearts PCH recognizes the importance of family and community in helping to reach each resident's goals. Our services are designed to promote and build on existing social networks and to leverage, whenever possible, positive family involvements to achieve a winning balance of resources for support. Services are aimed at increasing quality of life and employment opportunities for meaningful adult career development.

Every Client of Open Hearts PCH is special and we work hard to ensure that every individual has an opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. It is our greatest accomplishment to see the individuals we support meet or exceed their stated expectations. Our programs are used to build on their unique talents and skills and to help them discover and develop new abilities that will serve them throughout their life.

Open Hearts PCH staff strives to provide all services to every individual served regardless of race, creed, national origin or specific disability. Special attention is given to all staff members to ensure consistency and appropriateness of all services rendered.