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Open Hearts Personal Care Homes, LLC
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A well-rounded life includes activities that while enrich, must also instruct and entertain its participants. Open Hearts has embraced this philosophy in its selections of services and activities. Customized services are developed and deployed for each resident, recognizing that individuals require diverse levels of assistance and support.

The ability to perform some of life's most simple tasks can be challenging for people with disabilities, therefore Open Hearts' services include staff training and, or assistance with personal hygiene, grooming, feeding and other daily living tasks. Other instances of helping, by staff, occur with therapeutic and physical exercises, supervising self-administrating of medication, and performance of other routine health and care actions.

Training and, or assistance is also given to residents in performing household duties and home care, such as, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning and other environmental tasks. By accomplishing these undertakings, residents gain an immeasurable sense of self-reliance.

Open Heart services are designed to promote and develop:
  • Adaptive Behaviors: the ability to perform daily activities for personal and social sufficiency
  • Normalization: providing services in a way that is as close to the way services are performed for consumers who are not intellectually disabled
  • Habilitation: the process of educating or training persons with disadvantages or disabilities to improve their ability to function in society. Includes self help, communication, social and interpersonal skills and self management skills.
Activities and social interactions are encouraged and organized inside and outside of Heart Homes. Community life outings include shopping trips, recreational events and personal banking.

All of Open Hearts services and activities are utilized to enhance, improve and increase each resident's personal, interpersonal and social skill sets.